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We are excited to report that Romeo returned to the Hamlet on August 27th with Juliet following on August 30th! The nest has been cleaned and cams have been checked just in time for the 2018-2019 season to begin! Be sure to visit this page often, as our mods provide the latest information in the chat box and provide links to our Facebook page where the latest photos and news will be posted.


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Off On Their Own Adventures

Gaining confidence, flying strong and free, Sky & Spirit (names chosen by our viewers for the eaglets) left for their own adventures at just over 17 weeks of age, Sky on April 8, followed by Spirit on April 12. We know they have had the best start possible, and wish them safe travels, long life, and families of their own. Romeo and Juliet, with no more parental responsibilities, stayed around a few weeks longer, often seen together bonding, perching, or tidying up the nest. Romeo was last seen on May 3 and Juliet on May 7. They traveled to places unknown to us, but have now safely returned to the Hamlet, and we anticipate another glorious season!

Other Visitors During the Off-Season

During the off-season, camera operation is limited, but Cam 1 will remain live for all to view activity in and around the nest, perhaps allowing us to see visitors from previous summers, including Ospreys Bogey & Bacall and Black Vultures George & Gracie. Cams 2 & 3 will begin live streaming in the Fall. We look forward to seeing Romeo & Juliet begin nestorations for the coming season.

A Look Back

Revisit all the highlights of the 2017-2018 season! A scrapbook page has been created with links to videos, photos, poems, memories, and more!

Posting Videos and Photos From AEF Cams

AEF invites anyone to post photo and video screenshots/screen-recordings captured from these high definition cams. Since these photos and videos can be copied and duplicated over and over, we request that when you post these up to Facebook, IG, Websites, Blogs, or another social media location, the following information be included at the end of your photo/video caption: © 2018 American Eagle Foundation, EAGLES.ORG. These live feeds are the intellectual property of the AEF, and we kindly request that you do not attempt to embed or live stream these feeds on your website, blog, app, etc., or attempt to monetize screen shots or video captures. Thank you for your cooperation!

In order to protect the eagles and their nest, the specific location of this nest is private and cannot be disclosed.

Photos, Videos, & Event Log

2018-2019 Event Log

Photos from NEFL 2018-2019 Season

Photos from NEFL 2017-2018 Season

YouTube Playlist for 2018-2019 NEFL Season

YouTube Playlist for 2017-2018 NEFL Season

Nest History

Beginning October 1, 2013, the American Eagle Foundation (AEF) began providing live video streaming from a wild eagle nest located near the NE coast of Florida. The nest is located about 80′ up in a Longleaf Pine tree, and was built by the resident eagles approximately eleven years ago. Through the years, the nest has grown considerably in size and weight (likely weighing close to a ton).

For the past ten years, Gretchen Butler (Volunteer for Audubon “EagleWatch” Program and the American Eagle Foundation “Eagle Nest Cam” Program) has closely monitored and documented important events associated with the resident eagles and their offspring.

In late August or early September, the eagle pair usually return to this nest to begin their nesting cycle, which includes bonding, mating, nestorations, egg-laying, incubation, hatching, and raising their brood until their youngsters fledge and are able to fend for themselves. Mom and Dad typically remain in the nest area for 30-45 days after their young have fledged/migrated, enjoying some well-deserved time alone together in their special Florida habitat. Then, Dad will head north for cooler, less humid climates first, and Mom will leave several days later. The following breeding season, they return like clockwork and start their nesting, mating, and family-raising process all over again.

See a timeline of nesting activities for this pair from 2008 through 2018.

About Our Cams

Normally, there are three high-definition cams are available on this page. The first is a pan/tilt/zoom cam (PTZ), that provides incredible up close views of activities in the nest. The next cam down is also a PTZ cam focused on the nest from a different angle. The third video screen shows the nest tree and the canopy from a high-definition cam anchored on a different tree at a lower angle. If you watch for a while, you may be lucky enough to see eagles flying to and from the tree, and when the eaglets get to a certain size, you will see them begin to branch and ultimately fledge the nest. During the off season, Cams 2 & 3 will not be streamed, but they will be turned back on when Romeo & Juliet return in the Fall.

At night, an infrared light is turned on. The eagles cannot see this light – it is outside their visible spectrum of light. Neither can humans. If you were at the nest site, looking up at the tree at night, you would only see light from the moon or stars. The infrared light is converted into visible light by the camera (but only black and white), and then we see the light because it has been converted and streamed to our computers!

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